I grew up in Watervliet Michigan and lived there until 1999 when my family and I moved to Mobile Alabama. I have lived here for the past sixteen years and after getting used to the hot Summer days I found that this is a wonderful place to be.

It was due to the cold, snowy weather that I chose to stay here in the Gulf Coast area where the winters although sometimes cold are enjoyable.


As a child I enjoyed the cold and the snow, but as I became older it was very frustrating at times. When the Bible speaks of the snow it brings to my mind pictures of a clean, white cold, but refreshing place to be. Words such as pure and breathtaking come to mind, and that causes me to think of the purity of Jesus Christ and the awesome transformation that comes into a persons life when they put their faith and trust in the sacrafice that He made upon the cross of Calvary for the atonement of mankinds sin.

It is my prayer and intention that through the sharing of the Holy Scriptures that a soul that is lost, seeking answers for the struggles that this life brings will find redemption, peace, comfort and joy.


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